Why is sterilisation important for babies?

Sterilisation is a very important process, used in various different industries and also in the home. Sterilisation helps to prevent the development and spread of harmful infections and allows medical professionals to re-use instruments and equipment without passing on infections and illnesses.

Sterilisation is very important for babies because their immune systems are not fully developed, which ultimately means that they are vulnerable to illnesses. Without sterilising units, infections such as gastroenteritis would be much more common and many babies could lose their lives. Sterilisation is recommended for the first year of a baby’s life. During this time their bottles, dummies and feeding accessories, such as spoons and forks, should be sterilised to reduce the risk of developing an infection.

There are different types of steriliser on the market, including cold water sterilisers, electric steam sterilisers and microwave sterilisers. Over the years technology has advanced and feeding equipment and bottles can now be sterilised in a matter of minutes.

Sterilisation, cleaning and disinfection

Cleaning is important in all areas, from the home to restaurants and hospitals, but in some areas simple cleaning is not sufficient and more intensive cleaning methods are required. Disinfection involves removing harmful strains of bacteria and germs; common forms of disinfectant include bleach. Many people use disinfectants in their kitchens and bathrooms and they are also widely used in shops, restaurants, public toilets and bars.

Sterilisation is an even more intensive process, as performed by sterile services departments, which removes all forms of bacteria. Sterilisation is used to sterilise medical and dental equipment, as well as babies’ bottles. Sterilisation is extremely important – it helps to reduce the risk of infection and prevents the spread of illnesses and infections. The work of sterile services departments also enables health organisations to re-use equipment and devices.

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