Invisalign – the invisible braces

If you have orthodontic problems which require corrective braces, but don’t like the appearance of or other issues with normal metal braces, then dentists may now have the answer for you, with Invisalign.  This new system is used for fixing problems like gaps and crookedness just like other braces, the main benefit lies in the clear plastic aligners which are far less noticeable than wire braces.

With the unobtrusiveness of these aligners people don’t need to see your treatment taking place so you can get straighter, more even looking teeth without having to walk around with metal visible in your mouth for months.  The aligners are specially designed using computer modelling to create images of your teeth and make simulations of the required movement, this is then used as the basis for making your aligners which make tiny changes to your tooth alignment and are changed roughly every two weeks, getting closer and closer to the desired end result.

Along with the visibility issue, the aligners are less likely to lead to pain or inflaming of the gums than traditional braces, and because they are removable they don’t interfere with food or hygiene.  If you happen to need a lot of movement in your teeth, or even require some to be extracted then the Invisalign system might not be your best option, but your dentist will tell you this when you meet with them.

Prices vary for your dental job between about three and six thousand pounds for the treatment, depending on your dentist and what needs doing.  The length of treatment relies on the same things, plus your own behaviour in terms of things like root canals as well as the aligners needing to be in for at least 22 hours a day for full effect.

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