Five ways to impress a woman

It can be very confusing for men in this day and age when it comes to how to impress the female species. Back in the olden days, men were expected to be gentlemen, opening doors for women and pulling out their chairs. Now with the metrosexual era in full swing, many men have no idea how to treat a woman or what will impress them. Will they find me opening the door for them sexist? If I offer to hold their heavy bag am I discriminating? It can be very difficult for young men today to connect with women and feel happy and confidant doing so. Below are a few helpful tips when it comes to impressing women.

  1. Be yourself

There is no point pretending to be something you are not in order to impress a woman. Usually a woman will see right through this and straight away deem you to untrustworthy. Putting on an act can be very hard work and at some point the mask will slip. So don’t wear one, be comfortable and confident in yourself.

  1. Have fun

A very simple way of impressing a woman is to make them laugh. Many women put sense of humour above looks; do you know any comedians struggling to find love? Obviously people have different senses of humour and what you find funny they may not but this is part of getting to know each other. If you can laugh at yourself and not take yourself too seriously then women are more likely to find you attractive and feel more at ease themselves.

  1. Get checked out

If you are at the stage where you think you may sleep together, make sure you visit your local freedom health clinic to make sure you have no STI’s and you can also get some free condoms. Being prepared and being safe when it comes to sex shows that you are practical, mature and thoughtful.

  1. Take the time to get to know her

Some men are guilty of meeting a woman they find attractive and then bombarding them with anecdotes and ‘funny’ stories about their lives and not ask one single question about the woman they are on a date with. Women want men to find them attractive both physically and mentally. They want a man to care about them and know them inside out, rather than just based on their appearance. So, ask questions, show interest in their lives and really get to know them. Doing this means that anything that happens afterwards so much more meaningful and enjoyable for both parties.

  1. Look and smell nice

Top of the list when it comes to off putting traits women find in men are bad breath and BO. Make sure your teeth and breath are nice and clean and wear something you look good in and are comfortable in. Wear a dash of aftershave if you have any to hand and relax and be yourself.



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