Cosmetic Surgery for the Nose or aka Rhinoplasty

There probably aren’t too many of us that don’t look in the mirror and would like to change some aspect of our face. Most often one of the biggest contentions is our nose. Many individuals that  want to change anything on the face would choose the nose first. If they were to go ahead and have this done it would be done by a rhinoplasty surgery.

What this will do is provide several benefits such as being able to change the shape or the size of the nose. In some cases it’s actually a necessity when the obstruction for gaining air through the nose is taking place and an individual is having difficulty breathing.

There are many parts of the nose that rhinoplasty can correct. For example we already mentioned the size or the shape but if it’s the tip or the bridge of the nose that needs repair this is not a problem. This surgery can also narrow the span of the nostrils for individuals that feel that this is unbecoming for them. It can even change the angle and the upper lip as well.

One must remember that rhinoplasty is an enhancement  but it is not a perfect change. In other words it will make a big improvement but it is not something that is going to create perfection. Individuals have to have the right outlook when they’re going in for this type of cosmetic surgery to avoid disappointment

Often it is teenagers who complain about their nose and with some of them it bothers them so much  that the parents will take them to a cosmetic surgeon. In most cases  these surgeons don’t like to perform surgery on a teenager because they are still going through a growth spurt.

A great deal of thought has to be given before rhinoplasty surgery .The decision has to be made as to what is the real reason for having it done. Is the change going to be significant enough that it is going to change your appearance to the point where you are happy with it. If on the other hand it is for breathing purposes then you are not facing as much of the decision is whether you should have it done or not. It can be in that case a necessity.

Most individuals think that they are only trading a unattractive nose for a scar but this is not the case. With rhinoplasty scarring is usually on the inside of the nose so you will not see the scarring on the surface at all. In the case where an open technique is used for the rhinoplasty then the scars are on the base and they’re not visible.

If you are considering having rhinoplasty the first thing you will be subjected to is a consultation where your doctor is going to go over many of the things that we have discussed here. One of the things that the surgeon has to take into consideration is allergies and whether the nose reacts to any type of environmental problems as this can quite often cause swelling of the passage or closing off of the nostrils.

One of the effects for things that you will have to endure if you have  rhinoplasty is your nose will have nasal packing although now doctors are trying to stay away from this procedure if the can. It can feel quite uncomfortable but after a few days it is removed and the comfort is felt immediately. With today’s new technology most of the rhinoplasty surgery now can be formed on an outpatient basis and the type of anesthetic used will depend on the doctor’s choice whether he is going with a general anesthetic or sedation. If you are going with sedation its not likely you feel any pain anyhow as the area will be numb with a topical anesthetic .

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