Stop the signs of time and ageing


How many times have you seen a woman who has had face lift surgery that has obviously been done incorrectly? The choice to get a mini face lift is one that a women needs to take seriously if they really want to avoid these types of mishaps. It is easy to get caught up in the mess of expectations that are put down from such influences such as the media, television, and Hollywood. The put it simply, we are not movie stars. You have to realize that movie stars do not even look like real movie stars when they do not have pound of make up and expensive lights shining perfectly in the right directions on them. If you strive to look like a picture, or a character in a film, you will have a long … [Read more...]

Cosmetic Surgery for the Nose or aka Rhinoplasty

Natural Beauty

There probably aren't too many of us that don't look in the mirror and would like to change some aspect of our face. Most often one of the biggest contentions is our nose. Many individuals that  want to change anything on the face would choose the nose first. If they were to go ahead and have this done it would be done by a rhinoplasty surgery. What this will do is provide several benefits such as being able to change the shape or the size of the nose. In some cases it's actually a necessity when the obstruction for gaining air through the nose is taking place and an individual is having difficulty breathing. There are many parts of the nose that rhinoplasty can correct. For example we … [Read more...]